Hi, I’m Julia!

I founded the Tag & Tibby website in 2014 to share my love of budget-friendly decor and design ideas. I write most frequently about paint colors, crafts, DIY, recipes, and organization.

Tag & Tibby content has been featured online in Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Domino, and Good Housekeeping.

I was also named a Stylemaker by Better Homes & Gardens in 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2023.

I grew up just outside of Savannah, GA, and live in the Lake Norman area of Charlotte, North Carolina, with my two teens.

I also have a degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech.

In addition to developing creative content, I work with local design clients on interior decorating, new construction, and renovation support

I enjoy shopping on a budget for clothes (consignment stores are my go to), and look for the best deals on furniture and accessories, including used pieces at estate sales, and new pieces at bargain outlets.

How did the name Tag & Tibby come about?

I have always been fascinated with vintage books and decor, and I used to sell them on Etsy. That’s where I first came across the adorable characters Tag and Tibby, a dog and cat from a 1930’s early reader book. I fell in love with their names and the classic feel they exuded. Even though I don’t sell vintage items anymore, my love for them hasn’t faded. My home style is still an eclectic mix of vintage and new, creating a unique and timeless atmosphere.

I’ve worked with