Life Update, Part 2

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Since I shared last, I found a rental house! It checked the boxes—a shorter commute to my kids’ school, a small fenced yard, an extra room to use as my office, and within my budget. Housing is competitive in my area so I put a hold on the home before I could even see it in person. Thankfully I still liked the house when it was ready to view!

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For my first project at the new house I wallpapered the laundry closet. Though it is a dark navy pattern in a small closet, I couldn’t resist trying it in the space. To save cost and money I did not go the whole way down behind where the washer and dryer would be.

I will share more about wallpapering the laundry closet in a few weeks, and how I installed a temporary chair rail. It was my first time working with peel and stick wallpaper and overall it was pretty easy! I am still thinking about how I want to cover the door plates since I took the closet doors off. I may use hinge blanks like these. Let me know if you have other ideas!

Last week I brought over the Anthro Rosalie tapestry I had in my old home office, and added it to a large wall in my dining room (well technically a dining room, but it will be my office!) With the help of a friend we quickly hung the piece.

The tapestry is a thick paper light enough that I used command strips. Let me know if an article on how to measure and hang a similar piece would be helpful!

I splurged on a Rifle Paper Company Wisteria Cream rug in the living room. I planned to order the rug from Wayfair but realized it was on Amazon for cheaper. The colors go well with my walls, and hopefully with the sofa I ordered. I also just think the birds on it are cute.

There was already a spot for a fire pit in the back and that makes me so happy! I have wanted a fire pit for a while. After thinking through all the options I landed on a gas fire pit so I can easily turn it on an off. I went with a stone style gas fire pit that was half off at Walmart online.

That is my mini life update for today! I am really thankful to know where I will be for the next two years. Life is busy with the move and temporarily maintaining two yards. But I plan to write some longer articles soon! In the meantime I share updates frequently on Instagram and Facebook.

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