Onelink Safe & Sound: A 3-in-1 Smart Product for your Home

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Our house is everything we want in a home. A good size with room for us to work at home, and space for guests when they visit. And our home is over 20 years old. I’ve made a lot of styling updates to our home (paint goes a long way!) And it is also important to update safety products, too. Did you know experts recommend replacing a hardwired smoke detector after 10 years? The hardwired smoke detector near our kids’ bedrooms needed to be replaced.

We love integrating technology in our home. When we discovered the Onelink Safe & Sound it seemed like a great fit for our space! It is a 3-in-1 smart product that is not only a smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, it is also a premium speaker and an Alexa enabled device.

When I opened the box and saw our new Onelink Safe & Sound I was instantly impressed with the product’s sleek white, modern design. It is beautiful and blends in well to our interior style. And I was equally impressed with the product’s smart capabilities.

We installed our Onelink Safe & Sound and said it was really easy to install thanks to the included adapter. We chose to install the product near our kids’ rooms so we can have the peace of mind knowing they have a modern smoke & carbon monoxide detector that can be monitored remotely. 

Why I’m a fan of the Onelink Safe & Sound:

  1. It is an intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with remote monitoring through the First Alert app. It gives me peace of mind with our kids sleeping upstairs, and us with our bedroom downstairs. 
  2. There is a premium speaker with Alexa built into the product and the sound quality is great! Our kids enjoy asking Alexa to play their favorite kids’ songs while they play upstairs. Our kids can also easily set alarms for a wake up time (this will be so useful when school starts back!)
  3. We like the nightlight feature a lot! Our Onelink Safe & Sound is in the hallway near the bathroom–perfect spot for a nightlight. You can control how bright it glows and customize the color to just about any color on the color wheel using the First Alert app. 

Check out the video below for more details about the First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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