10 Best White Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams

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10 best white paint colors by sherwin-williams

There are hundreds of white paint color choices and it can be overwhelming to narrow down which is right for your home. In this article, I will focus on the best white wall paint colors for interiors. Paint is the cheapest/most effective way to make over a room with a big impact.

While I worked hard to capture the swatches’ true color, the swatches below will vary some from the actual paint colors. Sheen will impact the color’s final look, as well as how much natural light you get in the room. Go to your local paint store and pick up a paint swatch (or 5) before making your final decision!

I collected and researched this paint list for myself, as I am preparing to paint our laundry room and want to remove the cream color currently on the walls and replace it with a bright white. This article is not sponsored by Sherwin-Williams, but they did provide me with a kit and fan deck a few years ago.

I hope this article helps you pick the next color for your home, too!

Quick Tip: I included the RGB and LRV value for each paint color. RGB represents how much Red, Green, and Blue is in the color. On the LRV scale, O absorbs all light (black) and 100 reflects all light (white). 

This article contains affiliate links. If you click a link and purchase an item, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Full disclosure here. 

10 Best White Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams

  1. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster, SW 7008
    Alabaster is a very popular color choice and was a pick for Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2019 and West Elm – Fall/Winter 2019. It is a warm neutral paint color, almost an off-white.
    R: 237 G: 234 B: 224 LRV: 82
    below image source: Kelleynan
Sherwin-williams alabaster, sw 7008 image source kellynan

below image source: of SW Alabaster on trim: Tag & Tibby

Sw alabaster on trim image source tag & tibby
Sw alabaster paint swatch

2. Sherwin-Williams Pure White, SW 7005

Pure White lives up to its neutral name, neither a warm nor overly cool color, and is stunning in this living room. A Pottery Barn Fall/Winter 2019 choice.

R: 237 G: 236 B: 230 LRV: 84 below image source: City Farmhouse

Sherwin-williams pure white, sw 7005 image source city farmhouse
Sw pure white paint watch

3. Sherwin-Williams Dover White, SW 6385

Dover White is one of the best creamy whites and is a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. In this room, the color gives a good contrast to the white trim and wood dining table.

R: 240 G: 234 B: 220 LRV: 83 below image source: Painted Nonsense

Sherwin-williams dover white, sw 6385 image source painted nonsense
Sw dover white paint swatch

4. Sherwin-Williams Snowbound, SW 7004

Snowbound is a light cool white with some greige. We painted our kitchen Snowbound and have been pleased with its true white look. Part of the Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

R: 237 G: 234 B: 229 LRV: 83 below image source: Before & After Breakfast Nook

Sherwin-williams snowbound, sw 7004 image source tag & tibby
Sw snowbound paint swatch

5. Sherwin-Williams Eider White, SW 7014

Eider White is an interesting choice. The color has some grey in it and can go grayish-pink depending on lighting.

R: 226 G: 222 B: 216 LRV: 73 below image source: eva ennis creative

Sherwin-williams eider white, sw 7014 image source eva ennis creative

below image source: Small Organized Laundry Room

Sw eider white image source tag & tibby
Sw eider white paint swatch

6. Sherwin-Williams Aesthetic White, SW 7035

Aesthetic white is an off-white on walls, it has some warmth but also has a touch of gray. The bit of gray in this paint makes it a great choice for bedrooms and shows contrast against bright white trim.

R: 227 G: 221 B: 211 LRV: 73 below image credit: Room for Tuesday

Sherwin-williams aesthetic white, sw 7035 image source room for tuesday
Sw aesthetic white paint swatch

7. Sherwin-Williams Marshmallow, SW 7001

Marshmallow is white with a slight red tone, it can give off a pink-white tone in some lighting.

R: 238 G: 233 B: 224 LRV: 82 below image credit: A Beautiful Mess

Sherwin-williams marshmallow, sw 7001 image credit a beautiful mess
Sw marshmallow paint color swatch

8. Sherwin-Williams Spare White, SW 6203

Spare White is a cool white and has a very light gray undertone. Part of the PBteen Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

R: 228 G: 228 B: 221 LRV: 77 below image credit: celine.jenn

Spare white in a bathroom image credit celine. Jenn (ig)
Sherwin-williams spare white, sw 6203

9. Sherwin-Williams White Flour, SW 7102

White Flour is a warm white with yellow undertones. The camel-colored sofa, blue dresser, and gold accents go well together with White Flour in this bedroom.

R: 244 G: 239 B: 229 LRV: 87 below image source: Studio McGee

9. Sherwin-williams white flour, sw 7102 image source studio mcgee
Sw white flour paint swatch

10. Sherwin-Williams Pearly White, SW 7009

Pearly White is a solid creamy white choice and pairs well with wood furniture.

R: 232 G: 227 B: 217 LRV: 77 below image source: Ballard Designs

Sherwin-williams pearly white, sw 7009
Sw pearly white paint swatch

Samplize offers 12” x 12” peel and stick paint samples for Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Farrow & Ball colors. It is a fun way to test paint colors, and the material is flexible so you can wrap it around corners. I’ve ordered from Samplize for clients in the past, and we found the paint samples really helpful! 

10 best sherwin williams white paint colors

White paint in a home will give rooms a bright, airy feel. White paint typically goes toward cool tones, warm tones, and occasionally you can find a true neutral white. A warmer white will make a space feel cozy, and cool tones will make a small space feel larger. If you are looking for a true neutral shade of white try SW Pure White.

Did this article help you find a favorite color for your home? Check out more paint color reviews here!

10 best sherwin williams white paint colors

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    1. Hi! Try Sherwin-Williams Creamy (SW 7012) or Alabaster (SW 7008). If you can, get a swatch of each and confirm your favorite matches the crib before ordering the paint

  1. Looking to paint our living room one so these whites. Want to brighten space and bring in more light. Windows face East & west. We would like our white trim to still stand out. We have red oak floors, antique furniture and leather sofas What would you recommend?
    I thought maybe aesthetic white based on your article

  2. I’m downsizing into an RV. They’re tiny, not well insulated, refurbishing my RV, small, not all that well insulated, and rather dingy. Painting interior white & making white slipcovers. plan to paint it white to visually expand the space and lighten it up. Windows face all directions. I’m in Texas, where long summers are BRUTAL, but Winters are occasionally very cold.

    Question: Need a white color that won’t seem to warm or cool the space. Or is that even an important consideration?

  3. Hi, would love your opinion. We’re painting our whole house, but for me the tricky part is the kitchen. It’s an open floor plan with kitchen and living room. Currently the walls are an off white vanilla sort of color, a bit too warm and beige for me. I love fresh white walls. Basically I want to open up the space and make the place feel bright and airy. I also want to do a white kitchen, but having trouble picking my whites. What sort of white would be nice on the cabinets? And what sort of white on the walls? The gray wood floors have a touch of greige to them, so I worry about the warm whites making the floors look more brown than gray. Countertops will be white with faint gray/beige marbling, and cabinets will have brushed gold hardware. Thinking of possibly doing bottom cabinets and base of kitchen island with black/charcoal gray. Any thoughts? Thank you!

  4. Hi Julia,
    I have a 12 foot x 10 foot east side den with 2 large 63" tall windows one facing east, one north. I am making it look modern/contemporary using white walls, gray trim, a bold black,white,grey/silver abstract rug, black loveseat with silver thread, tall black bureau/ entertainment chest for the TV, black desk.will use a glass and black coffee table.And suggestions for a Sherwin Williams white wall paint and gray trim to tie in my bold black,white and gray room?please also tell me what type, flat,matte etc, thank you!
    jennifer, NH

  5. Hey I am wanting to paint my den walls white…. I have natural pine flooring and a brick fire place that is painted a dark charcoal… what white would you recommend?

      1. I would like it to be more cottage / traditional. Looking at samples I think I am leaning towards alabaster?

  6. I would like to paint my kitchen and laundry room cabinets white flour and naval on the island. Do you think that would be a good combination? I like the white and blue look but don’t want a stark white. I live in a spanish style home.

    1. I’d normally recommend a more neutral white like Alabaster with Naval. But with your home being a Spanish style and Naval being such a neutral color, I think it could work well together.

  7. I am trying to pick out a white for all the walls. I do alot of linen textures and very neutral color scheme. White has been so hard to pick out. I love China White by BM but I need a Sherwin Williams color. Do you know anything that would be like it? I was thinking Pearly White but it looks a little gray/cool to me. Trying to get a creamy white without yellow.

    1. Of these, Pearly White is the most similar to China White (the same LRV score and similar RGB). The other option is to ask Sherwin-Williams to match the BM color you want, they should be able to do that!

  8. This article was so helpful- thank you! We are painting the exterior of our southern-facing colonial SW Mindful Gray, and I’m struggling on a whitish trim that isn’t too stark white. I think I like SW Alabaster, SW Spare White (thanks to this review!), and HGTV Home by SW Pure Silk…but then worry about not enough contrast with Mindful Gray. Would any or all look ok with Mindful Gray?

    1. Mindful Gray is dark enough (its LRV score is 48) that the 3 whites you mentioned will show well with contrast. When I compare Alabaster to Spare White, Alabaster is warmer and Spare White is more cool/blue gray. I would pick Alabaster with Mindful Gray over Spare White. Unfortunately I don’t have the info on the color HGTV Home Pure Silk to give an opinion on it.

  9. Hi there ! I need some advice for painting my bedroom (and possibly my whole house)…I want an off white that goes well with my white trim, doors, and cabinets (true white sw ) but am overwhelmed by all the whites and undertones . I don’t like too cold or too warm ( I really don’t want a purple or too yellow undertone btw) so I’m debating between alabaster and aesthetic white by sw…what do you suggest? And is there a big difference between these colors? PS: if there’s another paint that’s not one of these pls feel free to let me know . Thanks again !

    1. Alabaster has a higher LRV score and is a brighter white than Aesthetic White. Both are a bit on the warm side of white and could be a good choice for off white. You mentioned true white SW on your cabinets, is that a color? I couldn’t find it in my swatches.

      1. Thanks for your response! Oops I meant pure white by sw. I’m using pure white for the trim, molding, doors in our bedroom (I haven’t painted yet so feel free to let me know if that color isn’t good for that either ) and I’m between aesthetic white, alabaster, or cloud white (bm) for my bedroom . Will alabaster be too white or bright for a bedroom that faces East ? I’m even considering going with classic grey (bm) too.

        1. Pure White is very neutral so that is helpful! You can partner colors with it without competing. Alabaster is brighter (more white) than Aesthetic White. If you want more contrast to your trim I’d suggest trying Aesthetic White. Hope this helps! I also offer virtual consulting if you want to talk through options further.

  10. For a modern house with black windows do you recommend Alabaster or Pure White? We have a modern black RH chandelier + some grey in our furniture.

      1. What color are the cabinets? For a modern look with black windows I’d use Pure White. Alabaster will have a more warm look to it that might go toward a cottage look.

  11. Hi,
    I’m painting living room walls either SW Reflection or Olympus White. Which white do you recommend for the ceiling.

  12. Please help I have tried every sample in all directions….
    My trim is Antique White and the walls are macadamium….trying to eliminate the beige of the walls.
    We have tried Extra, Pure, Spare, Alabaster, Snowbound and a few random others….
    Spare is the closest but still throws a little too much grey…
    Thinking about trying Aesthetic or Eidler…but scared of the pink in Eidler..
    Can you help….please…

    1. I’d suggest changing your trim color from Antique White to a more neutral white. Aesthetic and Eider are both good options. Depending on the lighting in the room, Eider might not show pink. In our laundry room it shows more as a light gray. Maybe try samples of those and decide if you like them or Spare best.

      1. Thanks for the help…unfortunately changing my trim isn’t an option as its doors,.trim window casings and mouldings…too much.
        I tried 2 more Aesthetic and Shoji and both are showing pink.
        My problem is this isn’t for 1 wall but the whole house and faces all directions w all different lights/ natural lights.
        Extra, Pure, Spare, Alabaster, Snowbound and now Aesthetic and Shoji.
        I tried studying the LRVs …just can’t commit to one. The easiest for us is Spare white…any more ideas. Thanks so much

        1. When you’ve tried the colors are you using samples or looking at swatches? A few more to try: SW First Star, SW Ice Cube, SW Nebulous White. The tricky part is neutralizing your warm trim color. You will need a white that goes toward gray to do that.

  13. I am remolding our home. We are primarily putting Craftsman Molding above the doors and a simple 2 layer flat molding on the ceiling. We will be painting the kitchen cabinets SW Anonymous Gray but for the rest of the house,I leaning towards painting the entire house white. But I’m unsure which 2 white paints to choose. I want the molding to be painted a SW Pure White (High Gloss) but I’m unsure what color white to paint the walls.
    In the past I’ve used SW Dover White but found on some walls the yellow hue came across stronger than I wanted.

  14. Very helpful article- thank you. We are planning a low budget reno of a shared bathroom- thinking to paint vanity espresso and planning to keep beige/tan floor tiles for now. Was thinking Snowbound might work- am trying for a very clean look. Is that what you would recommend?

  15. My kitchen cabinets are SW snowbound and I’m looking for a complimentary white that will give some contrasts yet still in the white family. Do you have a favorite companion to snowbound?
    Sara Susan

    1. Because Snowbound is brighter white (LRV of 83), I would go with a darker white (lower LRV score) to get some contrast. Try Eider White, Nebulous White, or Fleur de Sel

  16. Great information ! I had my kitchen cabinets painted BM White Dove several years ago. Now, I’m having all my trim and doors painted. I love the white dove most of the time BUT certain parts of the day, it can pull yellow (which drives me crazy). Because of that I’m scared to paint trim/doors that color. Should I chance it and stick with that color for cohesiveness ? Or would it look ok to paint trim /doors a different white ? Maybe BM Simply White, SW Snowbound. Do you have a good white recommendation that would work with White Dove but more of a clean white ? My walls are SW Colonade Gray and Agreeable Gray.

    1. I would recommend going with a different trim/door color to avoid the yellow. It would be fine to have them in a different color than the cabinets. Try BM Simply White or SW Pure White. They are both really neutral!

  17. Would you recommend Eider White for a bedroom? I’m going for a clean, California coastal look with mostly white, light-colored decor. Also which color would you recommend for trim? My bedroom is faces north so if you have any other color suggestions please let me know. Thx!

    1. I really like Eider White. It is is a comfortable color..if you want a more modern/crisp look you may want to go brighter. For trim check out SW Pure White, SW Extra white, or BM Decorator’s White. Hope this helps!

  18. We’re painting an old cute house in Vermont with BM Newburg Green. (So scared!) I had originally wanted navy and a stark white trim but we went with this because it felt safer. Now I’m hearing we should do more of an off white/cream, so it’s not so stark. We went with alabaster on the interior because everyone loves it. Most of our porch and all of our trim would be this color against the Newburg. Does alabaster work, or any should we go creamier? Thank you!

  19. I am trying to brighten up our home with something that will work in the entry kitchen and living. Currently walls are a darker beige but I have samples of Origami white and white duck painted around and can’t make up my mind which I like best, thoughts on these colors? Insights to undertones of either? Changing trim to highly reflective white

    1. Origami White is a tiny bit brighter than White Duck, and will be less creamy. Depending on your lighting White Duck could go light beige/off white. Either will have some contrast to your trim color.

  20. I have Dover white trim in the whole house and I want to brighten up my dining room. It is currently a dark rusty color and I am giving it a facelift! Is there a white that is not too yellowy that I can paint the walls that will contrast the Dover white trim? Thank you!

    1. If you are open to a bright white try Pure White. When I looked at Dover White with my swatches, Aesthetic White looks like another good option, or if you want to try gray look into Agreeable Gray.

  21. Hello!
    We are updating the paint on our entire main level – kitchen, DR, LR, hall, office and up the stairs into the upstairs hall. Currently it’s SW macadamia. Unfortunately all the trim, frames, etc is oak (and we cannot change). DR floor is oak, but the LR floor and cabinets are cherry. The rest of the floor is large tiles with browns, blue/gray and cream colors (tile looks better than it sounds and can go warm or cool).
    I’m having a hard time finding a white that will tone down all the warm and still go with everything (since there’s so much going on!)
    I have samples up, I think I like site white and eider white the best at this point. It’s going to be so much wall space, I would love your advice.

    1. Our previous house had oak floor and trim so I am familiar with the challenge! Site White will contrast the trim and tone it down a bit (a gray-blue feel depending on lighting), Eider has more red and will blend with the trim more. It depends on the look you want! I do offer 1 hour video paint consults-if you want to send me photos of your tile I could get more specific with suggestions. But it sounds like you are on the right track.

  22. We’ve converted our deck into a screened in porch and I’m struggling with what color to paint the walls. Our floor is a composite deck in the taupe family and the ceiling is stained dark with SW Currant which is more red/orange than I thought. We have lg windows on three sides – north, east and south. I love the look of a white but worry that it will reflect the ceiling color to much. My furniture is wicker with a lighter grey fabric.

    1. In general white would be very neutral but with specific concerns about the ceiling and how it would all come together, a virtual consult could be a good idea. If you are interested my email is [email protected] and we could discuss it further. Pictures or a video call would help me give a recommendation!

  23. Hi Julia! I love that you take time to answer readers questions! Thank you for that!

    I just repainted my entire basement in Eider white and ended up not liking it. There’s too much of a purple/pink undertone that I didn’t see in the swatches I painted on the walls. I’m thinking of going for spare white. I want a white that has just a hint of gray… or a super super light gray. I’ve struggled with undertones. Spare white was recommended to me from someone else who had the same issue with Eider white. Can you recommend a paint similar to spare white but in a shade darker in case spare white is too white?

    I appreciate it! Thank you!

    1. I hope Spare White goes better for you! Eider can definitely go a little pink. If you want something a darker with a light gray feel check out First Star or Crushed Ice. Both of these have LRV scores in the 60s, and will be a little darker than Spare White.

  24. You have no idea HOW HELPFUL THIS WAS!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m ordering these from Samplize today.

  25. We’re getting a new house and are painting the LR,DR area comfort gray. Also considered doing the family room Westhighland white from SW. any suggestions on a good trim color that will look distinct on the trims and doors and flow well with both Westhighland white and comfort gray?

    Our doors are a 90s oak color and so is the trim and we will be painting those as well.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi! For trim check out SW High Reflective White for a bright white that will provide contrast to both colors. SW Pure White is another good neutral option but will be darker (less contrast) to Westhighland White.

  26. Very helpful information!!! We are building a house and I am still struggling on picking a white 😩. I want to use the same white for the walls, ceiling, trim and kitchen cabinets. I am painting all interior doors gauntlet grey as well as the kitchen island. What white would go well with white subway tile and white windows? There is lots of natural light throughout the house. Since all trim and walls will be the same color I am thinking I just need to make sure it goes well with the subway tile and white windows!! Thank you!

  27. This post is awesome! I am in the process of selecting a white for the entire downstairs of the house. I have wainscoting in the living room with raw, grey toned stone fireplace, neutral, creamy-ish kitchen cabinets and lots of windows with white shutter window blinds. I really don’t want the walls to read grey or yellow but also don’t want it to feel stark white. I know I’ll need to redo the trim and wainscoting as well. I realize it must be tough making suggestions here but would appreciate your opinion. I am in LOVE with Dunn Edwards Milk Glass and White Heat but cant swallow the cost.

    1. Your home sounds beautiful! Paint stores often can color match if you want to request Dunn Edwards colors. I looked up your favorites, and SW Westhighland White and SW White Flour seem similar in LRV brightness with some warmth. I do offer virtual design consults if you want to talk through it in more depth!

  28. This post is amazing. I cant pick a white for my living room & bedroom. We have light light brown oak floors and an open layout kitchen which is white. I want to make the space look more spacious and bright since its a condo. I believe we are south facing, I want to have alot of creams, whites and pottery barn style furniture/items in it. What color do you recommend for walls and trims/doors?

    1. What color the cabinets are in the kitchen? That would impact my recommendation a bit (if the cabinets are a bright white, I’d go with a darker white on the walls for contrast…). Check out Pearly White, Alabaster, Aesthetic White to go with creamy furniture pieces. I do offer virtual consults if you want to go into more detail and send me pictures of the spaces https://www.tagandtibby.com/services

  29. What SW white for walls matches a white washer/dryer? I was told SW Extra White and SW High Reflective White are good but both could look blue. Only one east facing window, but bright LED ceiling work lights. Want everything white – walls, ceiling, woodwork and cabinets. Trying to blend the washer/dryer into the walls. Thanks so much.

  30. What color cabinets would you recommend with Pearly White Walls? The countertops are black (black pearl I think)

    1. Hi! Can you give me a little more info about your cabinets? Would you like a darker color (dark gray, blue etc), or a white? Happy to give a few recommendations

  31. This is such a great post! So helpful.

    I am purchasing a home that currently has SW Soft Tan on the baseboards. The kitchen has dark wood cabinets but plenty of natural light, so I’m painting it in SW Naval. For the family room (that the kitchen opens up into) I’m doing an accent wall with SW Dark Night. Which white paint would compliment the naval and dark night without being too cool and clashing with the soft tan baseboard? Thanks so much in advance for your help!

    1. I’m glad it was helpful! Is there a possibility of painting the baseboards white or do you like the tan color? If you want to keep the baseboards tan, check out SW Alabaster, Dover White, and Pearly White. They have warmth and won’t clash with tan.

  32. Hello! I am painting a one bedroom basement suite that faces the forest so many green trees. Id like a light off white/grey tone. I have read the above and just unsure with the green coming in from the trees…

  33. I really appreciate the opportunity to ask you a question about which SW white paint to use, so thank you in advance!

    I’ve just put in ceramic floor tile in a small full bath. The ceramic floor tile is a light, but warm tan. I did not have options. This bathroom only has a block window in the shower wall, facing west, so there is little sun until the end of the day. Anyway, not much light. I’m wanting to lighten/brighten things up.

    I used white grout whilst doing the ceramic floor tile, and that pops pretty good, and along with the white tub, new toilet, white vanity base, and white wall paint, I’m hoping for a brightening change.

    Because I want to lighten/brighten the bathroom, I think what I should be using on the ceiling and walls is a cool white, instead of anything with a blue, grey, or creamy tone. So, I’m looking for a cool white paint for the ceiling, walls and vanity base. Walls and trim should be satin, I think, with the vanity base being gloss.

    Instruct me if any of that sounds wrong, please. LOL.

    Here’s the last part. My complexion is pale. If I’m using a cool white without blue, grey, or creamy tone paint, will that be an okay white paint to use that will not play with the way I see my skin when I’m putting on makeup in the mirror in the morning? I’m guessing my lighting fixture might have something to do with this, too. How do I have a bright, cool bathroom that won’t make my skin appear red, pink, grey, or yellow? Do I need a ring light everywhere I go, or can I recreate this brightness in my piddly little bathroom?

    I was thinking SW Snowbound or Extra White … and some sort of lighting that isn’t yellow and hot.

    Thank you for considering answering this post!

    1. Hi! It sounds like you are on the right track. Snowbound and Extra White are both very light and neutral. The first idea that comes to mind, is you could paint an accent wall (the one that will reflect in the mirror) in the color you look best with–for example a green or blue. For light check out the GE Reveal bulb https://amzn.to/352as2V (affl link) it has great reviews for clarity while not being overly cool or warm

  34. Hi, I want to paint the exterior of my house. What white would you recommend. I’m painting the wood on the house a charcoal grey, I’m also wanting a true dark grey. The entire back of the house is SW facing and is all hardy plank. The front of the house only has a small amount of hardy and the rest is creamy colored stone. Oh my head is spinning!

  35. Thanks for the post! I’m about to move into a house with low ceilings and not a lot of natural light. The living room has a brick fireplace in it, and there are medium brown wood floors throughout. How can I lighten up the place without getting dark shadows from a bright light? It faces north, but does have one south facing window. Thanks in advance!

    1. Great question! If the brick fireplace is unpainted, consider painting it a light color. For furniture go with light colors (accent pillows and blankets can be your pops of color), and try mirrored or glass for accent pieces like the coffee table. For lighting try wall sconces and lamps, full spectrum light bulbs could be a good idea too for a natural light feel.

  36. I’m hoping to paint my daughters room a white color. Her room is East facing so it gets a lot of morning/midday sun. Her furniture is sort of an off white and I’ve used soft pinks, yellow, and green in her bedding. I’d like to find a white paint color that will actually make her furniture look a bit more white. Also, our trim is a creamy white. Any advice with some of the above colors? I’ve been reading a lot about Alabaster.

    1. Alabaster is a light warm white (LRV: 82) it really depends on how bright/light her furniture paint color is, with whether Alabaster will look lighter than her furniture. A light blue or green like SW Sea Salt could be an interesting choice to contrast her furniture, if you are open to color.

  37. Your site is very helpful with picking paint colors. If I paint my walls SW pure white in a kitchen and living space. What color would you use for the trim? My other combination is SW pearly white for the walls and SW pure white for the trim. I’m wanting a warmer vs cooler feel. Thanks for any advise you can offer.


    1. So glad it is helpful! If you’d like a warmer feel to the rooms, I would go with SW Pearly White (SW Shoji White and Alabaster are also good options) with a neutral trim like SW Extra White. SW Pure White can be used on trim but is a slightly darker than Extra White.

  38. This is a wonderful site! We’re painting to eventually sell so I’m looking for neutral colors. I have one question: with oak floors (on the yellow side) and a cranberry red sofa, do you have any suggestions? The room gets mainly northeast and east light, not very bright. I’m guessing a warm white? or warm gray? Thanks much!

  39. This post was obviously amazing! Any ideas for windowless closets? (I saw your laundry room post.) We’re re-doing my windowless, fluorescent-lit walk-in. I ordered what Closetmaid calls "taupe" for the shelves, so I thought maybe a white-ish somethin’ somethin’ would work well to brighten up the space. We have a beautiful grey we just painted the livingroom/kitchen, but my hubby talked me out of it. I’m worried that I shot myself in the foot with the shelving color.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! I looked up their taupe shelving and it looks like a nice color. I would go with a bright, neutral white since you don’t have windows and want to contrast with the shelving. Something like Pure White or Snowbound. If the shelving/paint color still feels a bit off–try changing the florescent lighting to a more natural & warm bulb.

  40. Looking to paint a guest bathroom with travertine floors, white subway tile half way up the walls, and no windows. So unsure what to paint the upper walls with bright white subway tile below and travertine floors that can at can lean towards yellow’ish in the floors. The counter tops are quartz with white, gray and a little beige on top of white cabinets. I love the whites you mentioned above but wondered if you had any suggestions. Thank you!! Michelle

  41. This is such a helpful article! I’m getting my new home painted by a <a href="http://www.msservices-inc.com/">residential painter</a> in two weeks, and I still have decided on a color. I love the look of Sherwin Williams Spare White, but my home doesn’t have a lot of natural light. Do you think this color would still look good?

    1. Spare White is a light color and should work fine without much natural light. You might want to play around with light bulb colors after you paint, to get the color how you want it.

  42. This article is very helpful!!! Im having a hard time figuring out which color white to paint most of the walls/trim in my home and that would pair well with the living area and dining room being painted SW Bungalow beige or SW Accessible beige. I’m looking for a clean crisp white that doesn’t cast yellow and has a warm but bright vibe.

    1. Hi! If you want a warm light white Alabaster is a good option. For a neutral, light white check out Snowbound and Pure White. Extra White is common for trim but is on the cool side.

      1. Hi there! Thanks so much for the reply. So the bungalow beige was too dark. I was wondering if you’ve ever used Zurich white for walls? I just want a shade of white that is warm, but doesnt cast too yellow/grey. The lighting in my home is mainly southwest exposure. I was looking at Shoji white, but I’m afraid it’s going to cast too yellow so I was thinking of trying Zurich white versus Snowbound my walls and then maybe an extra white for trim/ceiling?

  43. Hello! Thank you for this article! I am just starting to look at whites for our open floor plan living/kitchen/dining and hallway, as well as our windowless bathroom. Our trim, doors, and cabinets are all SW Alabaster. I’d like to get away from the mindful gray we currently have and go a bit warmer and cozier for a neutral bohemian style. I’m thinking the wall white should be a shade or so darker than the alabaster trim? Any suggestions? My initial thoughts are aesthetic or possibly westhighland. I’m not looking for a ton of contrast and plan to layer a lot of textures/patterns throughout the house in neutrals with occasional pops of color.

  44. Thank you for all of the great information! I am currently looking to paint my home office/craft space. The molding in our ENTIRE 1911 built house, with lots of moldings and built-ins, is painted a very creamy white, close to SW Crisp Linen. I hesitate to change the trim color in this room, as I don’t want to have to change it everywhere. The trim paint is in good condition. I would like to paint a white to light grey in the space. This feels kind of challenging to me, as I fear some of the colors I have been thinking of, may clash with the creamy white, or make it appear more yellow. Any suggestions? Some colors I have been thinking of (all SW): Incredible White, Aesthetic White, Elder White, Maybe even Egret or Oyster.

    1. Great question! Thanks for including a similar color to your trim. Eider and Incredible I think will be too cool, but Aesthetic and Oyster are good options. Also you might want to check out Shoji and Westhighland White.

      1. Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I am heading to SW right now! I will let you know what I decide. 🙂

      2. I want to thank you again for taking the time to respond to my question! After testing all of the colors you suggested, I ended up painting my office Shoji. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I absolutely love how it turned out!

      3. I am painting a hallway that comes off of my garage. It has no windows and is very dark so I am wanting the walls to be as light as possible. The trim is a color similar to Dover White by Sherwin Williams. I love the color White Dove by Benjamin Moore but I don’t feel like it goes with the trim that has so much yellow in it. Would love some suggestion ideas. I thought about Alabaster but it doesn’t have much of a contrast. Please send me and other suggestions for a warm white that would go with something similar to Dover White trim.

  45. Hi there! My name is Laura. I am in the process of designing my new pediatric dental office. My logo colors include navy, teal and yellow. Looking for a good neutral to put on some walls throughout the office. I will have a creamy white and some light grey for my cabinetry. Trying to avoid yellow and pink undertones. Here are my top 3: Snowbound, Pearly White and Aesthetic white. Thoughts?

    1. Hi! Snowbound is the most neutral of the 3, but it might look too sterile in an office setting. Pearly is lighter than Aesthetic and has a touch of gray–that would be my vote between the three. If you want to talk in more detail I do offer virtual consults (more info here: https://www.tagandtibby.com/services)

  46. Hello. I was wondering what the best white to use with peppercorn in my bathroom. I would appreciate your opinion.

    1. Hi! Peppercorn is a neutral dark gray (I have it in my dining room). If you want modern–go with a neutral or cool white. If you want a country/cottage look, go with a more creamy/warm white. I do offer virtual consults if you’d like to discuss your bathroom in more detail: https://www.tagandtibby.com/services

  47. Hi! What white would you suggest using with SW Cyberspace (accent wall). I was between White Flour and Alabaster, but not sure if there’s a better option. Thank you!

    1. Cyberspace is neutral and could work with a variety of white colors. Do you want more of a cottage or modern look? Of the two I would pick SW Alabaster. It is a versatile light, off white. SW Pure White or Snowbound would give you more of a modern look.

  48. I am considering painting my bedroom SW High Reflective White trim and wall. The room gets west exposure and has 12 ft ceilings. The floors are heart pine and my furniture is a dark wood. I will be using white bedding with touches of soft blush and tan. It is a very large room. Do you think this will be to stark of a white paint?

    1. I haven’t seen High Reflective White used as a wall color. It is a very bright white with an LRV of 93. But it would work great for trim!

      1. Hi Julia, I finished my bedroom with the High Reflective White for the walls and trim. It is beautiful! Just the look I wanted. The floors are warm heart pine and furniture is deep wood color. Bedding white with blush, touch of blue and tan. Same with a large rug on the floor. Love the color.

  49. Need a good SW exterior white. Considering Snowbound or Westhighland. Farmhouse look. House will face west.

    1. Snowbound is neutral and will give the home a modern farmhouse look. Westhighland will likely look more creamy white. You may also want to consider Alabaster or Shoji White.

  50. Hello! I am getting my walls painted Almond Roca by SW. What color white do you suggest for the ceiling?

    1. For the ceiling look into SW Extra White, or if you want the ceiling to have a touch of warmth since the paint color is warm-you could also consider SW Alabaster

  51. Hi, we are trying to decide on an off white color to paint our wood kitchens cabinets. I don’t want a yellow or grey undertone. Our backsplash is a stone like of brown to beige variations. Would you use Dover White or Creamy on the cabinets? Thanks for your help

    1. Dover White is lighter than Creamy and would be a good off-white option. Alabaster is another off-white option. If you want more specific recommendations, I offer virtual consults (you could email photos of your backsplash). Some information on it here: https://www.tagandtibby.com/services

  52. Thank you for this great info. Wondering if I paint my walls Alabaster, what can I use on the ceiling to give a little contrast and should the trim just be Alabaster gloss finish?

    1. Sorry for the delay! I would use a brighter, more neutral white for the trim and ceiling to give a little contrast to Alabaster. Something like SW Extra White.

  53. Hello! We are building a house and I would like to stick with neutral "SW whites" throughout entire house. The bedrooms will have gray carpet. The living room and kitchen is open floor plan with high ceilings. White kitchen cabinets with grayish counter tops and the flooring is like a farmhouse gray. there’s ALOT of grays so I want to pick the right white . Can you recommend from the SW white paint colors? My thought was snowbound but would love to know your thoughts… thank you!

  54. Great article. If I paint my kitchen walls and ceiling Pure White. What white color would you suggest for the kitchen cabinets? My appliances are stainless steel and faucets are brushed nickel. Thank you,

    1. Do you want the cabinets to blend in or have contrast? If you want them to blend in, you could paint the cabinets Pure White in a semi gloss. If you want the cabinets to have contrast, try a white with LRV in the 70s (like Aesthetic White, Origami White, or Pearly White).

  55. We are building a new home. The entire house will be painted one color on the walls. I want the color to be warm. I am considering Macadamia. Ceilings are to be a white naturally, but is there a particular white you would recommend pairing with the Macadamia? Walls are 9’ and the living room is vaulted. In your opinion is this Macadamia too dark for an entire house? TIA.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! I would put SW Macadamia in the medium range. It depends how light you want your walls & rooms. Softer Tan is also a pretty color and lighter. For a ceiling white, Pure White or Extra White could pair well with Macadamia.

  56. Hi, I am in need of an opinion on exterior colors for my new build first home.
    We have S concrete tile roof that’s in dark brown/charcoal blend, bronze windows. Now I need to choose exterior paint and I am limited to SW paints. I am looking to get modern Mediterranean / transitional style.
    I am debating on exterior wall and window trim colors between SW Natural Choice, Pure White and Alabaster. The house is facing south and garage doors, gutters and corbels will be in SW Urbane Bronze.
    Do you recommend pure white trim with Alabaster walls or perhaps natural choice trim with Alabaster walls? Any ideas?
    I would like to have it look more white then creamy.

  57. Hi! I love your blog and your beautiful home! We have new kitchen cabinets painted SW Creamy 7012. Would Accessible Beige look good for the walls? Thanks!

    1. Hi! The colors would go well together, but you may want to consider a slightly lighter wall color than Accessible Beige–something with an LRV in the 60s.

  58. Re Eider White, we found significant differences in a flat sheen using Emerald and Emerald Designer. The bases are all different! Even Emerald Designer has two bases available (maybe a third, I don’t know). If you’re taking on a large project, make sure you have the base you want and keep extra on hand for touch ups. If you try to touch up Emerald flat with one of the Emerald Designer flats, your patch might not blend in.

    1. That is helpful, thank you for sharing! I haven’t tried the Emerald Designer line yet. It looks to have 4 base options…extra white, ultra white, deep base, and ultra deep base. I added Eider White to an online order, and it gave me extra white as the base.

  59. Hello, the information you provided has helped me make a decision, what ceiling color would you pair with both white flour and pearly white?

    1. SW Pure White would work with those colors and is sometimes used on ceilings, but isn’t the "brightest" of whites. If you want something lighter, look at Extra White.

  60. Hoping you can help. Was thinking about painting bathroom walls SW Crushed Ice. Small bathroom with no windows. White vanity with granite that is white/light grays, and tile has mainly whiteish tones. Will the color be too dark? What color white should I paint the ceiling and baseboards?

    1. Crushed Ice’s LRV is 66 and would be considered a light color. I don’t think it would look too dark. How is your lighting in the bathroom? You could check the max wattage of your light fixture, and if you have space add a small lamp on the counter. Try Pure White or High Reflective White for trim, etc.

  61. Hello. Hoping that you can help. We are repainting the combined living room, dining, room and kitchen of our lake-house home. It is now Benjamin Moore golden straw. We have a lot of cherry wood…cabinets, floor, and trim…and of course lots of windows with both a northern and southern exposure. High ceilings –20 feet. I am drawn to SW Alabaster but also Agreeable Gray or Accessible Beige. Would the Alabaster be too bright in a large space? Suggestions?

  62. We are building a beach house, outside color is tradewind and will have cabinets and trim in Pure White. I am looking for a cool light grey or white. Many have recommended repose grey or passive but I am thinking lighter and a bit cooler. The island and barn door will be needlepoint navy. Any suggestions for overall wall color? Thanks!

  63. I just had my white oak hardwood floor refinished. They have a yellow/orange color to them. I am looking for a white to tone down the yellow/ orange. Could you recommend one? Everything I am reading states a cool white would offset the yellow? Any input would be appreciated!

    1. A neutral white or white with some gray/cool tones would be good. Not a Sherwin-Williams color, but Ben Moore White Dove comes to mind. Aesthetic White and Origami White are nice greige-whites. If you want to work further on colors I do offer virtual paint consults (more info here https://www.tagandtibby.com/services)

  64. This article is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!!! I have a West facing room with white plantation shutters on my French doors and windows. Extra white is my current trim color because it matches the white shutters. I’m getting my interior painted soon to brighten it up from the current Worldly Gray. My favorite wall color is White Dove from BM but I’m worried it looks yellow next to the extra white trim. Pure White is a close option that will closely match the shutters. Do you think White Dove will look yellow if I change the trim to Pure White? My 2nd choice is leaning toward Pearly White. Looking for advice on White Dove with Pure white trim and if that’s going to look too yellow and what are your thoughts on a trim for Pearly white? Any other suggestions on an off white for a west facing room. TIA

    1. White Dove is a favorite of mine! I think what is happening, there isn’t much contrast between White Dove and Extra White. White Dove is similar to Alabaster but has more gray. Since you are considering a Ben Moore color, look into Chantilly Lace or Extra white (brighter whites).

  65. Thank you for this excellent article! I’m doing a top to bottom redo on a house. I’ve chosen Kestral White for the master bedroom and bath, west facing with good light. Can you recommend a slightly darker contrast color? The more I research, the more confused I feel! Thank you, and I’ll be doing a virtual consult for the bigger project rooms.

    1. Do you want something in the same color family? If you are open to Ben Moore colors, Pashmina is darker and would compliment Kestral White. You can go more beige or greige as you go darker, I prefer greige and with that in mind SW Colonnade Gray could also be an option.

    1. If you are open to Benjamin Moore colors, try BM Simply White. It is a light white but still has some warmth. SW Extra White is a possible option too.

  66. I’m using Origami White in our BR. What color would be good for the ceiling and can it work with Alabaster trim? We had water damage and the trim already exists but I want to change the walls and ceiling.

    1. Origami White can lean warm depending on lighting and is slightly darker than Alabaster, it would be fine with Alabaster trim. For ceiling you could consider High Reflective White.

  67. Bedroom remodel
    -1 north facing window (not a lot of natural light)
    -10 foot ceilings in bedroom
    -approx. 13×11 size room
    -brown carpet (darker side)
    My daughter wants white paint, easier said then done.
    What Color/sheen for walls, ceiling,
    Trim do you recommend?

  68. Hi. Thank you for this very helpful article! It was such a useful resource with the pictures and pertinent details displayed in an organized fashion. I’ll be bringing this with me to the paint store! Thanks, again!

  69. Hi, I’ve been looking for a VERY light gray paint color for months. I’m painting my bedroom & master bath. I seem to find a lot of gray paint with blue undertones, which I don’t want. My colors are different shades of purple; the wood trim is oak. Can you please help me?

  70. Hello thanks for the wonderful information. I’m painting our lake house. The wood floors are cherry wood in a medium reddish color. The kitchen cabinets are maple in a light reddish color. I’m painting the kitchen, living room, foyer, two hallways, master bedroom and laundry all the same color. My trim and doors are all painted a bright white. I have lots of natural light that comes in the house. What white would you recommend that doesn’t pick up yellow tones. I also have a cobble stone fireplace that picks up a lot of creamy colors.

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