Decorate A Fall Front Porch With 4 Simple Tips

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We are finally feeling a hint of Fall in our area of North Carolina! I updated our front porch of the house with Mums, pumpkins, wheat, and doormats to celebrate. We don’t have a roof over our front door so I can’t really put out lanterns, or anything fabric because it will get wet. But I worked around that and am pleased with how everything turned out!

Scroll down to read 4 practical tips for decorating your porch this Fall.

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Tip 1: Bring Inspiration Photos With You to the Store

Save a few pictures on your phone of Fall porches you like (I took screenshots from Instagram) and also a picture or two of your porch so you can decide on colors. I literally held up my phone with a picture of our porch to mums in store to see if they would match our brick. It helped!

Tip 2: Shop Around for the Best Price

Shop around for the best prices on pumpkins and Mums. I bought our pumpkins at Whole Foods and assumed I paid a premium. But after shopping around I found that the white and ornamental pumpkins were priced several dollars cheaper at Whole Foods than our local home improvement store. Also, white pumpkins are typically cheaper than ornamental—mix those in to your design to save some money.

When shopping for Mums, a pretty planter will increase the price of the Mums. A sales associate showed me how to remove the decorative container and find a cheaper price on the original flower container. This will save you money if you already have a container at home to use.

Tip 3: Staging Tips

Play around with a few old chairs or crates for height. I used vintage milk crates flipped over (previously purchased from a thrift store) to display pumpkins. If you don’t have access to vintage crates, try 2 galvanized tubs flipped over. I also used 2 bundles of wheat on either side of our front door to create height. Mini pumpkins will add detail mixed in with larger pumpkins and are usually under $1 each at the local grocery store this time of year.

Tip 4: Layer the Doormat Over a Rug

Have you spotted the layered rug trend this year with bloggers? I love the idea but am also really practical and frugal. So I purchased our new “Home” doormat and laid it down on our concrete….a stain remained from our previous rug on the concrete. Layering our doormat was the perfect solution (at least until we can pressure wash our concrete!)

I picked out two thin rugs at Target that looked like they could handle outdoor weather, and laid a Home doormat over each to see which I liked. I ended up purchasing the woven plaid rug for Fall. I like the color it adds to our porch!

I hope you found the tips helpful for decorating your porch for Fall! I love to create simple, affordable designs that make an impact. The layered rugs add charm to our front door. And I saved money by reusing a wreath from last year. I also saved money buy using white pumpkins (cheaper than ornamental!), and also by purchasing just 2 Mums.

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Curious about the wreath on our front door? It is the same wreath I made last Fall from green tail fern spray and wood berries, I just took out the cotton sprig. Get more details on the wreath how-to here.

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  1. I really love your tips, very helpful!
    Usually, I do make a list, but a bring inspiration photos will be more accessible!
    PS: Your front door is gorgeous, good job!

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