Modern Pendant Lighting for Under $150

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Happy New Year!! I’m finally writing my first blog article of the new year. Behind the scenes I have been listing and prioritizing what home projects I want to accomplish in 2018. I have a long list!!

To help me narrow down my light fixture choices I am sharing 8 of my favorite modern pendant lights with a touch of rustic & vintage all priced under $150. Scroll down to see the full list!

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10 Modern Pendant Light Fixtures for Under $150

  1. Amber Recycled Glass Pendant, 149 

2. Rattan Framed Pendant Light, $142

3. Gold Honeycomb Chandelier, $99

4. Modern Glass Pendant with Brass, $120

5. 3-Tier Linen Drum Pendant, $50

6. Sculptural Milk Glass Faceted Pendant, $79

7. Black Round Pendant Light, $149

8. Natural rattan pendant, $90

9. Oakley Glass Globe Pendant, $149

10. Old Satin Brass Hanging Pendant, $76

After writing this guide I ordered and installed the Nadeau inverted metal pendant in our kitchen in old bronze. The color and material works perfectly in our breakfast nook.

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  1. Nice selection of light fixtures. Just my opinion, but I think it is better to first find the table then find the
    light fixture because with several of these choices, the light pendants will look too tiny for a larger table.
    Also, I can see why you chose each and every one of these as your selections because each one reminds you of something you have in other areas of your house like the white capiz & Rattan & the
    Collins Natural Pendant remind me of one of your mirrors in the hallway. The shiny brass reminds me of one of your ceiling fan bases.Now, me personally I would eliminate the flat glass pendant because
    it would be hard as all get out to clean when it gets dusty, especially with the angles.I know its not my house or choice, but the one I loved in all these choices is the Kenroy Shaker Pendant because of the way looks, it probably uses more than 1 bulb but has a light diffuser on the bottom, I like the price, the scale of the fixture would look great with a larger table and lastly I think it would look amazing from your den area tying in the flat black accents of your chair with the flat black accents of the light fixture and the tones of that fixture bring out the earthiness of your sofa.

    1. The Kenroy Shaker was one of my favorites too! I didn’t think of dust on the glass pendant, but you are right. And I don’t dust very often…I actually did decide to go ahead and order one of these yesterday but it would have been a good idea to get the table first! I just haven’t found a table I love yet. High on my list though!

  2. Just another thought, I live in the metro Atlanta area and love shopping at Furniture Consignment Stores my favorite has several locations called Southern Comforts Consignment Furniture. With North Carolina being the heart of quality furniture manufacturing, I would imagine that there has to be some great furniture consignment stores. Another reason I mentioned consignment furniture shops is that they reduce the prices every week or month until sold, accept credit cards and or lay-a-ways and most
    offer delivery……none of which people selling on ebay or craigs list do. Since there are so many people trying the minimalist lifestyle (like my family), or down sizing, or even trying the tiny house
    lifestyle now is the perfect time for you to find your dream table at a wonderful price. Don’t give up and remember not to settle for anything less than absolutely fabulous! I’m looking forward to seeing what
    you decide on! 🙂

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