10 Favorite Green and Blue Farrow & Ball Paint Colors

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This article highlights 10 favorite Farrow and Ball green and blue paint colors. Some of my past interior decorating clients requested Farrow & Ball colors in their homes and as I grew more familiar with their brand I decided it was time to share the knowledge with my readers!

Why Farrow & Ball Paint

 Farrow & Ball has an excellent reputation for deep pigmented colors, depth of color, and quality paint. While the brand is based in the UK, paint can be ordered in the US through local stores and online through stores like Anthropologie. On a personal note I think the names of their paint colors are charming! And I like that there are reviews on their website of each color.

In this article I share information about each color with interior and exterior examples. Room photos below are shown with written permission, and are credited and linked to the original image source.

Quick Tip: This article includes the LRV value for each paint color. On the LRV scale, O absorbs all light (black) and 100 reflects all light (white). I organized the paint colors below from lightest to darkest.

This article contains affiliate links. If you click a link and purchase an item, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Full disclosure here. 

10 Green and Blue Farrow & Ball Paint Colors

1. Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light No. 235

The lightest of the paint colors in this article, Borrowed Light is a sweet pale blue. This color would work well in bathrooms, children’s rooms, or a home with coastal style. LRV: 67.51

below image source of Borrowed Light on walls: Sarah Osmond Interiors

below image source of Borrowed Light in bathroom: J Cashier Interiors

2. Farrow & Ball Light Blue No. 22

More complex than its name, Light Blue is a nice light-medium paint color with some silver. A nice choice for bedrooms, kitchen cabinetry, and hallways. LRV: 46.61

below image source of Light Blue on paneling: _my_best_laid_plans

below image source of Light Blue on upper cabinets, Green Smoke on lower cabinets: corner_house_interiors

3. Farrow & Ball Pigeon No. 25

Pigeon is a popular medium shade described as blue gray by Farrow & Ball. Reviews state that the color goes green, gray, and green/blue depending on lighting. Pigeon is a good choice for cabinetry, doors, or living spaces where you want some depth of color. LRV: 31.89

below image source of Pigeon on kitchen cabinets: katie_at_the_crescent

below image source of Pigeon on front door: heidiclarkvasquez

4. Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue No. 85

According to Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue is a darkened historic blue. With an LRV in the 30s it is a medium shade, and it is a beautiful choice for a playroom, children’s bedroom, or a living room. LRV: 31.08

below image source of Oval Room Blue on bedroom paneling: crack_the_shutters

below image source of Oval Room Blue on walls: Olivine Design

5. Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green No. 81

Breakfast Room Green is a cheerful green paint color perfect for doors, cabinetry, shutters, or a space where you want an upbeat pop of color. It is a medium color and was listed in Farrow and Ball’s 2022 Trend Predictions. LRV: 30.09

below image source of Breakfast Room Green on front door: House Of Harts

6. Farrow & Ball Stone Blue No. 86

Stone Blue will add character to a room. According to reviews, it is an intense and lively blue but not overly dark. This color could be used almost anywhere-from doors to living rooms to kitchen cabinets. Stone Blue was also included in Farrow and Ball’s 2022 Trend Predictions. LRV: 27.85

below image source of Stone Blue in sitting room: The House Upstairs

7. Farrow & Ball De Nimes No. 299

De Nimes is a beautiful blue-green gray color that will shift in color throughout the day. With an LRV of 20.9 this color is on the edge of medium and medium dark. This color is a good choice for bedrooms, sitting rooms, and doors. LRV: 20.93

below image source of De Nimes on living room walls: westgate_house

below image source of De Nimes on bedroom paneling: willowhearthome

8. Farrow & Ball Green Smoke No. 47

Green Smoke is a classic medium-dark green. Its deep color will give your interior a cozy feel. Consider this color for bedrooms, paneling, kitchen cabinetry, or a dining room. LRV: 17.26

below image source of Green Smoke on living room walls: Warwick House

9. Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue No. 281

Stiffkey Blue is a sophisticated, inky navy. It is a dark paint color, but it is lighter than Hague Blue. This color can go traditional or contemporary depending on furnishings and is a good option for painted furniture, living rooms, cabinetry and dining rooms. LRV: 10.75

below image source of Stiffkey Blue on bedroom wall: Our Kelvinside Corner

10. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30

Hague Blue is the darkest color in this article, and is a deep dark blue with some green undertone. It is a rich, deep color that will look beautiful on cabinetry, exterior doors, and interior spaces. LRV: 7.55

below image source of Hague Blue in living room: _oldbricks_newhome_

Interested in seeing physical samples of these colors? Samplize offers 12” x 12” peel and for Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams. It is a fun way to test paint colors, and the material is flexible so you can wrap it around corners. I ordered paint samples of each of these colors through Samplize and was pleased with their quality and color!

This article was written to help you to narrow down the right color choice for your home. I love blues and greens, depending on the shade they can be calming and tranquil or moody and dramatic. Have you painted with Farrow and Ball paint colors? Check out more paint color reviews here!

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