How to Make Scented Beeswax Candles

Can you feel it? Autumn is in the air! The past few days we have actually felt cool weather in the mornings and it is so refreshing! It finally feels timely to think about decorating and making some fall-ish recipes. And this cinnamon& clove scented candle is the perfect way to begin!

I use beeswax when making candles because they clear the air and are great for allergy sufferers. Last year I made beeswax candles in vintage jello tins. They are WAY easier to make than I expected, and make great gifts. This time I wanted to make a scented candle using essential oils. 

Scroll down for the step by step picture directions: how to make scented candles!

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Step 1

Coarsely chop 4-5 pieces of cinnamon bark.

Step 2

Lay out 5 small dip bowls on a flat surface. Place 1 pre-waxed candle wick in each bowl, then wrap the extra wick around a thin pencil (this will keep the wick in place when hot beeswax mixture is poured in.)

Step 3

Lay out additional supplies: 

a candy thermometer

1 1/2 cup palm oil vegetable shortening

1/2 lb beeswax 

cinnamon and clove essential oil

chopped cinnamon

a double boiler (I used a glass mixing bowl in a pot of water)

Step 4

SLOWLY melt the beewsax on low-medium low heat. This could take an hour. The candy thermometer should be placed in the water and watched to stay under 180 degrees. *use a few ice cubes to cool the water if it gets too hot. Beeswax going over 180 degrees can cause discoloration.

Step 5

Wait until beeswax is fully melted. 

Step 6

Add 1 1/2 cups of vegetable palm oil shortening. This will prevent the candle from cracking as it hardens. Melt completely, stirring occasionally. 

Step 7

Add 30 drops each of cinnamon and 30 drops of clove essential oils, or to your preference.

Step 8

Add in 1/2 of the chopped cinnamon bark to hot beeswax mixture.

Step 9

Evenly pour hot beeswax mixture in each bowl, about 2/3 full.

Step 10

Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. Top layer will harden quickly.

Step 11

Once the top layer of candle has hardened (10-15 minutes after pouring in bowl) gently place remaining chopped bark in wax, scattering between the 5 bowls.

Step 12 (optional)

Sprinkle a few dashes of cinnamon on each candle, then allow candles to cool and harden at least 24 hours.

Step 13

Once candles have hardened at least 24 hours, cut wick about 1/2 inch from base.

These candles are the perfect way to say hello to Autumn. And the container options are endless! You can also experiment with swapping the cinnamon and clove essential oil with other popular essential oils like cedarwood or lavender. Personally I really like how the cinnamon and clove blends with the natural honey smell that beeswax provides.

Disclaimer: Never leave a lit candle unattended and use in a well ventilated area. 

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    1. I can’t believe it either! But I’m ready for cooler weather.

      I’m so glad you like it! It would be a great family project (my kiddos helped me with the first batch)

  1. Thanks for these instructions, Julia! I actually got the exact same bowls to do this, and I was wondering if you found them to burn evenly with this size wick? Would you do it the same way again? Thanks for the help! 🙂

    1. Hi Mandy! I just tested one this morning for an hour and it burned pretty well–a good height on the flame with no smoking. How are yours burning? It could be an issue with wick height?

      1. I haven’t tried yet… Just been reading lots of DIY blogs about this, and it seems tricky to get it right. If yours seem to be burning evenly, I think I’ll go with these wicks and see how it goes! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Great pics and post! Thanks for candles and anything scented so will be making these before the holidays as well as a dozen f your other I need more time! Newbie blogger/hope to get to know you more! Sharing and following.….mary

  3. What oil would be the best substitute for PALM OIL? I try not to use products with this in them, due to environmental and ethical concerns.

      1. Your instructions were perfect. I am so excited to give these as Christmas gifts! I made them in 5oz containers so one batch made 3 candles. I am looking forward to lighting one tomorrow to see how they burn. They already smell amazing. Wish I could add a photo!

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