DIY Dried Flower Oyster Shell Craft

A few years ago I made oyster shell ornaments for my Christmas tree. And this summer I had the idea to apply dried flowers to oyster shells. This coastal inspired craft is quick and easy, and perfect for beginner artists. The result will be a beautiful flower oyster shell keychain!

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DIY Oyster Shell Keychain with Dried Flowers Supply List

How to Make Dried Flower Oyster Shell Keyrings

Drill a small hole in each shell

It is a good idea to wear noise canceling headphones as it will make a high pitched sound. I also recommend drilling at a thin part of the shell. If the shells have a rough edge, you can lightly sand with sandpaper.

Wash and dry oyster shells

There will be dust from drilling the shells and likely some leftover sand too. Wash and dry each shell before starting the fun part of the craft project.

Apply Mod Podge to oyster shell

Use a paint brush to apply a thin coat of Mod Podge Gloss Sealer to the interior of the shells.

Add dried pressed flowers to the shell

While glue is wet, gently add a dried flower then apply mod podge over the flower. Layer additional flowers if desired. Mod Podge will dry clear.

Draw a gold edge to the oyster shell

Use a Fine Point Gold Metallic Sharpie to trace along the edge of the shell. You can also use silver or bronze if you prefer a different color.

String beads

Slide Stretch Magic Clear Cord through hole in shell, then string 3 small beads of your choice (see photo for reference).

Attach keyring 

Tie on a gold key ring and make a basic knot. Apply a dot of Bead Fix Gel (or similar jewelry glue) to secure the knot.

These keychains are easy to customize with dried flowers and beads and simple to make!

I originally designed this craft for the Haven Conference in July 2023. The feedback was positive! It was a relaxing flower art project for people to complete. 

Excited that I have leftover supplies to make more dried flower crafts in the future. Leave a comment if you are interested in more DIY oyster shell crafts ideas!

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