How to Make a Cotton & Berry Autumn Wreath

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In North Carolina the mornings are cool and wonderfully Autumn-esque. All my nearby neighbors have added Fall wreaths to their front doors, and mine still had the magnolia wreath I made in March. It was time for a new wreath, and as always–it needed to be EASY! Because I am a lazy crafter.

I designed this wreath on a whim in Hobby Lobby last weekend. I love the combination of green fern (modern), wood berries, and cotton (touch of Southern). The wreath colors hint of Fall without using traditional pinecones or pumpkins. This wreath is small-budget friendly (I made it for under $20) and easy to customize. And if I forget to swap it out in November, I can stick some cinnamon sticks in it and make it a bit more Christmas-like!

Scroll down for a step by step tutorial for how to make your own cotton & berry Autumn wreath!

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Supply List

18″ Grapevine Wreath (with 40% coupon, $2.99)
Cotton Stem (50% off $3.50)
Green Tail Fern Spray (50% off at $4)
Fig Berry Spray (50% off at $6.59) in store/Fall seasonal
Scrap 2 1/2″ Burlap Ribbon (similar here)
Wire Cutter or Dremel (similar here)
Scrap Grapevine Wire

In total I spent $17.09 on this wreath using leftover ribbon & wire from a previous wreath project.

Step 1

Lay green tail fern spray on left side of wreath, then add fig berry spray over fern spray. Lastly, add cotton stem on top of fig berry spray. You’ll make minor adjustments to the branches later, this is just to lay out the main idea.

Step 2

Cut a 18″ piece of grapevine wire with scissors or a wire cutter. Tie all three faux plant stems to wreath, just to the left of bottom-center on the wreath (see image below). Tuck excess wire behind wreath or trim.

Step 3

Cut 36″ piece of burlap ribbon, then wrap around stems to cover wire. Tie in a simple knot.

Step 4

Trim faux stems to about 6″ past bottom of wreath. You need some stem to remain, so the stems are balanced in weight. Use a Dremel or wire cutters to trim stems. Full disclosure: I first tried scissors and they broke under the pressure! A Dremel worked great, but wire cutters would work too!

Step 5

Fan out each berry, cotton, fern branch to desired style. Make sure the branches are secure, then hang with extra burlap ribbon or a wreath hook! 

This wreath was really simple to make, didn’t require a glue gun, and could easily be made in 30 minutes. I love that the wreath has a bit of color with the green fern branches, but leans toward Autumn with its brown wood berries and cotton. And this Autumn wreath was budget friendly at under $20. Win! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just came across your blog and we have the same house!!! I am in Waxhaw/Marvin area. We are slowly but surely revamping ours as well. Fun to see what someone else has done.

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