10 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2024

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10 unique kitchen backsplash ideas 2024

In this article, I share 10 unique kitchen backsplash ideas 2024. I answer why a backsplash is useful in the kitchen, how to narrow down which backsplash to choose and give suggestions for easy install backsplashes. Scroll down for more backsplash inspiration from Sharpie to peel and stick, copper to faux brick.

Why is a backsplash necessary in a kitchen? 

A backsplash serves both practical and aesthetic purposes in a kitchen:

  1. Protection: It protects the wall behind the stove, sink, and countertops from water damage, stains, and splatters. Without a backsplash, grease, food splatters, and water can easily stain or damage the wall surface, leading to potential mold or mildew growth.
  2. Easy to Clean: Backsplashes are typically made of materials that are easy to clean, such as tile, glass, or stainless steel. This makes it easier to wipe away spills, grease, and stains, keeping the kitchen looking clean and hygienic.
  3. Increases Property Value: A stylish and functional backsplash can enhance the appeal of a kitchen and add value to a home. Potential buyers often appreciate the presence of a backsplash as it indicates attention to detail and quality in the kitchen design.

How do I choose a kitchen backsplash?

Before deciding on a specific material or design, define your budget and how long you plan to enjoy the backsplash (is it a temporary or long-term solution?). 

Next, define the look you want to achieve. Do you want a bold & colorful look or something neutral and understated? I use Pinterest to save my favorite kitchen images before selecting colors and materials.

Subway tiles are popular and easy to wipe down, but you could also install an alternative material like wood planks or faux brick with a glossy, wipeable paint finish.

Backsplash tiles // 10 unique kitchen backsplash ideas 2024

What is the easiest backsplash to install?

If you want to DIY install a backsplash consider what tools you are comfortable using. Have you installed tile in the past? Installing a subway tile backsplash could be a good fit.

Do you have experience with a saw? Installing wood planks could be a simple installation. If you want to avoid power tools, add a peel & stick backsplash. Peel & stick backsplashes are affordable, installed in a few hours, and can be cut with a utility knife.

Does the backsplash have to match the countertop?

If you are adding a new countertop to your kitchen (for example, granite or a solid surface) you can request to have the same material added as a backsplash. But as a designer, I would recommend adding a different tile or material for your backsplash.

Generally, you do want the colors of your backsplash and countertop to complement each other. For example, if you have a white kitchen with a white Carrara marble countertop, you could install a grey or white-toned backsplash. Or try a bit of color and make the backsplash a focal point in the room!

10 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2024

10 unique kitchen backsplash ideas 2024

In this article, I shared 10 unique kitchen backsplash ideas 2024. I hope this article helped you decide how to pick a backsplash, and inspires you to think creatively for your backsplash update project!

Did you find a favorite kitchen backsplash idea? After researching all our small-budget options, we installed a peel & stick faux subway tile in our kitchen for under $125.

10 unique kitchen backsplash ideas 2024

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