No Linen Closet Hallway Storage and Decor

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Teen hallway makeover! No linen closet hallway storage and decor
No linen closet hallway storage and decor

House hallways are a great place to add decor and organization. I recently added hallway storage between my two teen’s bedrooms. We have no linen closet and limited storage in their bathroom. 

If you lack a linen closet in your home there are still unique ways to add storage and organization in a small space. You can use console tables, shelving, or basket stands to hold extra towels and cleaning supplies along a house hallway.

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No linen closet hallway storage and decor

Our hallway is at the top of the stairs. I used the space as extra storage and a general landing zone. My kids didn’t have any linen storage near their bathroom and often grabbed towels from my bedroom.

I added laundry hampers, storage basket stands for towels, and a gallery wall of art to create a hallway linen closet near their bathroom and bedrooms.

(before) hallway storage & hallway wall decor supplies

Hallway Storage & Hallway Wall Decor Supplies

  1. Two 3-tier basket stands from World Market. These create a linen closet space for extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towels and washcloths. Similar white/natural basket stand option from Amazon.

2. Two oversized blue laundry hampers with lids. When hampers will be visible in a hallway I like laundry hampers that have lids, and the bamboo edge is a nice detail. The assembly directions were easy to follow.

3. Watercolor Harry Pottery style canvas artwork for over the basket stands and laundry hampers. I selected this art because it was gender neutral and affordable (under $40 for 6 canvases). Also because we love Harry Potter at our house.

Wood Basket Stands $221 for 2 (with 15% off member coupon)
Oversized Laundry Hampers $54 for 2
Harry Potter Canvases $38
Hallway Makeover Total $313

Hallway storage & hallway wall decor supplies

I hope this article inspires you to make the most of hallways in your home! Small bathrooms or a lack of linen closets can make it a challenge to store hand towels and bed linens. 

But you can create a hallway linen closet using open shelving, a piece of furniture, or with tiered basket stands. Store towels and linens in the hallway for easy access to a bathroom or bedrooms. And a gallery wall of canvas art is an easy thing to add as hallway wall decor.

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Teen hallway makeover! No linen closet hallway storage and decor

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