Cinnamon Ornaments

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I purchased a big package of cinnamon sticks from Hobby Lobby a few months ago and have been so eager to try a DIY with them! With Christmas almost here, it felt like the perfect time to pull out the cinnamon sticks and get crafty. There are a lot of options with cinnamon sticks–you could try stars or squares or sticks painted like Santa.

I went with simple and rustic–a modern triangle with a sprig of faux garland and a little knot of baker’s twine.

These are easy to create, budget friendly, and easy to make large quantities (hint-hint-gift idea!) Scroll down for step by step with pictures, and what supplies you need to get started!

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Cinnamon Triangle Ornaments


1 lb 6-8″ Cinnamon Sticks 
Hot Glue Gun
Scrap Pieces of Faux Garland
Red Baker’s Twine 
Thin Suede Cording 

Step 1

Cut cinnamon sticks into 2″ pieces with a sharp knife. Group into sets of 3.

Step 2

Lay out cinnamon sticks in triangle shape and hot glue at each corner. Cool before moving.

Step 3

Once glue has cooled, flip triangles pretty side up (so the glue shows on the back).

Step 4

Cut 1″ pieces of garland for each triangle.

Step 5

Hot glue a sprig of garland to the right edge of each ornament.

Step 6

Cut 10″ pieces of baker’s twine one per ornament. Make a standard knot in center of twine, then another knot on top of the first knot.

Step 7

Hot glue baker’s twine knots onto sprig of garland.

Step 8

Cut 10″ pieces of suede cording, 1 per ornament.

Step 9

Thread suede around top of ornament and tie a basic knot. Repeat for each ornament. And you are done! 

Looking for more easy stick ornaments you can make at home? Check out this tutorial for popsicle stick ornaments by my friend Melissa of Create & Find.

These ornaments are easy to make, festive, and best of all–have a wonderful cinnamon smell. Each cinnamon stick will be a slightly different shape and size–which gives these ornaments a rustic, custom look. And with the help of an adult using the glue gun, kids can help with the assembly too.

If you decide to try these, I’d love to hear how they turn out! Happy making!

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