7 Best Black Paint Colors By Sherwin-Williams

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7 best sherwin williams black paint colors

When it comes to black paint, there are a range of color options. Some black paint colors are charcoal gray, some are navy-black, others have a warm brown tone. If you are researching shutter colors, trim colors, front door colors, or moody dark interior colors this article will help you narrow down the best black paint to complement your home (before you paint your front door!).

While I worked to capture each swatch’s true color, the colors below are a digital representation and will vary some from the actual paint colors. The finish of your paint (semi-gloss, satin, and flat) will also impact how the color looks on your walls or exterior. 

Scroll down for more information about each black paint color with swatches and examples of colors on doors, shutters, and interiors.

Quick Tip: This article includes the RGB and LRV values for each black paint color. RGB represents how much Red, Green, and Blue are in each color. On the LRV scale, O absorbs all light (black) and 100 reflects all light (white).

This article contains affiliate links. If you click a link and purchase an item, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Full disclosure here. 

7 Best Black Paint Colors By Sherwin-Williams

1. Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore, SW 7069

SW Iron Ore is a popular dark gray charcoal paint color often used on doors, exteriors, furniture, and accent walls. Iron Ore is a lighter shade of black than Tricorn Black, Black Magic, and Caviar.

Iron Ore is part of the Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2020 Color Collection.

R: 67 G: 67 B: 65 LRV: 6

Sherwin-williams iron ore, sw 7069 paint swatch

below image source of SW Iron Ore on front door: Fox Hollow Cottage

Sw iron ore on front door: fox hollow cottage

below image source of SW Iron Ore on hand rail: Thistle Key Lane

Sw iron ore on hand rail: thistle key lane

2. Sherwin-Williams Black Fox, SW 7020

SW Black Fox lives on a different swatch than the majority of blacks I recommend in this article. Black Fox shares the swatch with Repose Gray, Mindful Gray, and Dorian Gray.

This chocolate color is a rich blend of black and brown, and would go well on garage doors, trim, and entryway doors. Black Fox is part of the Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2020 Color Collection.

R: 79 G: 72 B: 66 LRV: 7

Sw black fox paint swatch

below image source of SW Black Fox on shutters: Painted by Kayla Payne

Sw black fox on shutters: painted by kayla payne

below image source of SW Black Fox in office: Rue Mag

Sw black fox in office: rue mag

3. Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black, SW 6258

SW Tricorn Black lives in the neutral paint family and is a darker shade of black than Iron Ore and Black Fox.

This color is a true black with no strong undertones (if you want true black shutters, this is a good choice). Used frequently on exterior doors, window trim, furniture, and statement walls.

R: 47 G: 47 B: 48 LRV: 3

Sherwin-williams tricorn black, sw 6258 paint swatch

below image source of SW Tricorn Black on front doors: Home Made Lovely

Sw tricorn black on front doors: home made lovely

4. Sherwin-Williams Black Magic, SW 6991

SW Black Magic has the same LRV score as Tricorn Black and Caviar, all three are a true dark black. Black Magic has a touch more red than Tricorn Black making it a feel a tiny bit warmer than Tricorn Black.

R: 50 G: 49 B: 50 LRV: 3

Sherwin-williams black magic, sw 6991 paint swatch

below image source of SW Black Magic on barn door: Angela Rose Home

Sw black magic on barn door: angela rose home

5. Sherwin-Williams Caviar, SW 6990

SW Caviar lives up to its name as a dark inky black in the neutral paint family. Similar to Tricorn Black but with a little more brown. When I compared Black Magic & Caviar swatches they felt very similar.

R: 49 G: 48 B: 49 LRV:3

Sherwin-williams caviar, sw 6990 paint swatch

below image source of SW Caviar on front door: Our Hammock House

Sw caviar on front door: our hammock house

6. Sherwin-Williams Greenblack, SW 6994

SW Greenblack is a modern mix of black and green. A slightly lighter black than Caviar, Black Magic, and Tricorn Black. On a personal note, I selected this color as an option for our front door & shutters (currently painted green).

R:55 G: 58 B: 58 LRV: 4

Sherwin-williams greenblack, sw 6994 paint swatch

below image source of SW Greenblack in bedroom: Cassie Bustamante

Sw greenblack in bedroom: cassie bustamante

7. Sherwin-Williams Inkwell, SW 6992

SW Inkwell has more blue than red and green, making it a cooler black paint color. This color could show up as a dark navy-black depending on lighting.

Inkwell would be a good fit for a room you want to go moody/dark like a library, living room, bedroom, or dining room.

R: 49 G: 54 B: 58 LRV: 4

Sherwin-williams inkwell, sw 6992 paint swatch

below image source of SW Inkwell in office: Dear Lillie Studio

Sw inkwell in office: dear lillie studio

below image source of SW Inkwell on front door: Tag & Tibby

Sw inkwell on front door: tag & tibby

Samplize offers 12” x 12” peel and stick paint samples for Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Farrow & Ball colors. It is a fun way to test paint colors, and the material is flexible so you can wrap it around corners. I’ve ordered from Samplize for clients in the past, and we found the paint samples really helpful! 

7 best sherwin williams black paint colors

I spent several hours narrowing this list to 7 Sherwin-Williams black paint colors. Some black colors have a warm brown tone, others a cool blue tone.

This article was written to help you to narrow down the best color for your front porch, doors, shutters, exteriors, interiors and trim. Select a black paint color that speaks to your aesthetic and blends with your style! And be sure to check out more paint color review here.

7 best sherwin williams black paint colors

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  1. I still feel like Black Fox doesn’t belong on that swatch! We have Dovetail and Gauntlet Grey in our house. When doing our bathroom, we thought Black Fox would be an obvious choice. Was seemingly much warmer and brown than the other colors above it.

  2. Hi,
    For a stair steps I am in between Iron Ore or Black Fox, don’t want “real” black and want a color that can play well with the rails which are stained a dark brown.
    What us you suggestion?

    1. Both are a good choice for a lighter black. Iron Ore will likely look dark gray, and Black Fox will be a warm dark brown. If you want some contrast Iron Ore would look good, or if you want to blend with your rails Black Fox might be the way to go.

  3. Thank you for this, it was helpful!

    I am painting an accent wall in my master bedroom and cannot decide between Iron Ore, Inkwell, Black Magic & Tricorn. The other walls will most likely be Snowbound or Pure White. Any advice for me?

  4. I am painting with SW Hunt Club (accent wall) and pure white (like from the can) for all other walls and trim and looking for a black to go on the interior doors. The furniture and decor will be natural woods, tan leathers, white linens, with some black accents. I’m wondering if Greenblack or Black magic would work better? Any suggestions?

    1. Either would blend with Pure White & Hunt Club. Black Magic has a little more red, and Greenblack more blue & green. Black Magic is also slightly darker (LRV of 3). If you want neutral black doors go with Black Magic. If you want doors with a hint of green go with Greenblack. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi! I am so excited to find you! I am trying to decide which black I want to use on my kitchen cabinets. My Amish cabinet-maker is waiting patiently but I need to decide. My counter-tops will be white quartz with black/grey veins and my wall are Benjamin Moore White Dove. My pulls and knobs will be a gold-tone (as well as the light fixtures). My floors are wideplank barn-style light oak (don’t appear a sterotypical oak at all…more prestine).

    I am searching for a soft, worn blackboard shade of black. I do not want undertones of brown, blue, or green tinting through when natural light hits my cabinets. I also do not want a stark, super-cold black. Looking at the sample cards I brought home, I was leaning towards Greenblack or Inkwell but after reading your insightful article, I am completely hesitant (I know Iron Ore it too grey; Caviar too brown). I’m concerned Black Magic is too black. I would appreciate your advice in choosing a true soft/worn black. Thanks so much!!

    1. Great question! When I think of a blackboard I think of a slight blue/green tone to the black. Inkwell looks black in most light but at certain times of day it does go slightly blue-black. If you want something in between SW Inkwell and SW Iron Ore in terms of darkness, check out Benjamin Moore Graphite or Benjamin Moore Midnight Oil. Those two have an LRV score around 5.

  6. Hello! Any chance you have suggestions for white color pairings with the caviar? I am doing a black shiplap accent wall in my room (caviar) and trying to decide on a white… who thought there could be so many! We have south facing windows that cover the wall. Any suggestions? I am leaning toward simply white by BM or alabaster by SW. I like the warmth of them but am fearful they will be too yellow when they are completely covering the wall. Also, would you paint the trim and ceiling the same white to match? Thanks for any information in advance!

    1. Caviar is neutral so you could really go with a warm or cool white. You might want to check out BM White Dove. Working with a client I recently compared Alabaster with White Dove, and White Dove had a little more gray while still staying warm. I would do a brighter white on the trim and ceiling.

    2. Hi Nicky! I have BM simply white on my walls and it’s just beautiful. It’s like a bright white but yet soft and warm without any yellow undertone! When the sunlight comes in my window it’s glorious. I’m looking to paint my interior doors black and i’m leaning towards SW Caviar. I can show you pics of my walls if you’re interested.

  7. Hello! Thank you for this post! What do you think is the best black that will go the best with Sherwin Williams light french gray? Thank you!

  8. Hello! I have a very large den (30ft long) with paneled walls. I want to paint them black, along with the trim. What sheen do you suggest or the walls and should the trim be a different sheen when using black?

  9. Hello i need a suggestion trying to paint my doors and trim a black color and my walks are Greek villa
    And baseboards are going to be white what color would you suggest
    Tricorn black or black mágic
    I also saw one that’s not on the list called carbonized.
    Need help!
    Thank you!

  10. Thank you for this!! We are wanting to paint our house Alabaster and cannot decide on trim – ordered samples of Caviar, Tricorn Black and Black Magic… thoughts??

    1. Tricorn would be the most "neutral" of the 3. Black Magic & Caviar will feel a tiny bit warmer, those might go best with Alabaster being a warm off-white.

  11. Julia, I have limited colors to pick from in my neighborhood but will probably paint my house Moderate White and trim/shutters/garage door Softer Tan. I want my front door much darker to pop – is black too severe and if not which color? Maybe Black Fox? I have some accent brick that’s brighter orangy red but thinking about painting/whitewashing/staining it to make it either grayer, browner, or something else. Appreciate any ideas!

    1. You are on the right track with Black Fox! The colors you’ve picked are warm, and Black Fox is dark but still warm. I don’t find the color too severe. You could also check out SW Sealskin (slightly darker) or Ben Moore Midsummer Night

  12. So we are painting our the exterior of our house all one color, minus the limestone wainscoting. Our home is more of a ranch style per say, & we love dark moody colors & feel it would help make more our taste “modern”. We’ve picked green black but now I’m getting nervous about it. Haha to give you an idea, we also have cedar posts across the front and will be redoing the railing in exchange for horizontal metal railing for the front porch & playing with the idea of copper gutters?? Thoughts?

    1. If you like modern, Greenblack is great choice. And though it sounds a little scary to add color, the color itself is subtle. What color is your limestone?

  13. I really like the caviar black color on the door. What finish did you get the paint in? Satin? Gloss? Mattem

  14. We are painting our house Iron Ore with a Creamy White soffit, facia and trim. The house also has red brick on part of the front. What color would you use for the front door and shutters?

  15. My cottage siding is similar in color to the paint; Sherwin Williams Shiitake. I want to trim it in a lighter color, and I want to make the shutters and garage door in a dark black, blue, or brown. What do you suggest?

  16. Hi Julia I have chosen SW Greenblack for my new construction front double doors and shutters as well. Curious if you could share any pics showing that? Also what was your house base color? Some version of white I am thinking??… I am considering satin brass hardware as well…thoughts? 🙂

  17. Hello!
    We are painting the exterior of our home in shoji white (SW). What color should we paint our front door? Tricorn black or urbane bronze?

    1. Great colors! Both could work with Shoji, it depends on the look you want. Tricorn Black is a darker neutral black. Urbane Bronze is a little lighter and warm but might not look like a true black (depending on how much direct sun you get on your door).

  18. Hi, we are currently remodeling our whole home & we started with the bathroom that connects to our bedroom. We are doing the wainscoting at the bottom black and the top part of the wall white. We are wanting to go with a crisp/clean white such as; pure white, extra white or snowbound. Which black would go best with these whites?

    1. Those whites are all very neutral. Do you want the black to look neutral or have a hint of color/warmth?

      1. I believe that I would like to have black neutral as well. These colors are going to carry through the rest of our home. The white will be most walls through the house & the black will be the trim & doors through the rest of the house as well.

        1. I’d recommend getting samples of Iron Ore & Black Magic. Iron Ore is a lighter black, and they are both very neutral.

  19. Our siding is a taupe color . I’m trying to decide between tricorn or inkwell . Which would look best with a taupe?

    1. With a warm paint color like taupe I’d go with a neutral black like Tricorn, Inkwell might be too cool.

  20. I want to paint a piano black. Can’t decide how shiny to make it. I’ve been leaning toward semi-gloss. Any suggestions?

    1. Fun! Typically pianos have a matte or high gloss finish. High gloss can be trickier to work with. There isn’t a hard rule about the finish though, if you want to try semi-gloss, go for it!

  21. I like to paint my exterior black but I don’t know witch one to choose 😖part of the exterior walls have cream and little rust colour stones,shutters are dark chocolate brown and doors and trims are white

  22. Great article! I’m wanting to paint my medium sized powder room Iron Ore. what finish do you recommend. Also, will it look bad if I paint my nearby staircase railing the same color?

    1. They would look great together! Iron Ore is very neutral. Do you have any windows in the bathroom? That will impact how dark the color looks in the space.

  23. Thank you so much, this was extremely helpful. If painting exterior SW Alabaster, which black would you recommend for trim and door?

    1. If you want an off-black, I really like Iron Ore. But depending on lighting it can go gray. Black Magic would also look good with Alabaster!

  24. Thank you for breaking down the SW black paints. I’m still undecided on which one to choose for my front door. My house is painted gauntlet gray with white trim. The builders agent suggested iron ore. I’m a little concerned that iron ore will visually look more gray than black. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! Is your door in the shade (under a porch) or will it be mostly in the sun? That will also impact how light or dark Iron Ore will look. If you know you want something darker, go with a true black like Tricorn Black or Caviar.

  25. We recently painted our house exterior with Snowbound. Which shade of black would you recommend for the front door? Roof is gray with brown undertone

  26. Hi Julia and thank you for your excellent article!
    I am building a tiny home on a sunny, southwesternly-oriented lot in the PNW. The large lot and backdrop of majestic cedar trees causes me to pause on a black exterior, (though I highly prefer black) what are your thoughts?

    1. Greenblack comes to mind as a beautiful color with a hint of green. Iron Ore is a good choice if you want to go dark, but lighter than a true black. Do you want your tiny home have a cottage or modern feel?

  27. Hello . Thank you for the breakdown! Unfortunately I’m still undecided because of the exterior color of my home. The exterior is light blue; what color black shutters would you recommend to pair up with a lighter blue house?

    1. I’d look at Inkwell or Iron Ore. Inkwell has a slight bit of blue in it but it is subtle. Iron Ore could look dark gray depending on how much sun you get.

  28. Hi,

    I’m looking for a recommendation for a black color to paint the inside trim of all the windows and doors so it appears blackish but isn’t too harsh. My great room is SW Eider White and the trim is Atrium White. We are hoping to accent the windows/deck doors to appear black but be closer to dark gray. Our flooring is driftwood stained oak flooring. Thank you for your assistance in advance.

    1. Do you want the gray-black to have a hint of color or stay neutral? SW Iron Ore is a solid choice and can go black or gray depending on lighting. BM Wrought Iron is another muted black option.

  29. So happy to come across your article, I’ve been on Pinterest for the past week trying to find some good ideas on our basement but I can’t narrow it down. I think I want to do a black ceiling, we’ve got plenty of light coming in (plenty of windows with the sunset but no direct sunlight due to deck) our basement is open plan and big. We want to do a black ceiling with white walls to open it up and give more light but still be a cosy feeling. We want to stick with a black, white and gray paint palette. Do you have any suggestions? Trying to steer away from brown although I do like the black fox one. Can’t make up my mind, aaahhhhh

    1. How fun! How high are the ceilings in your basement? If you like the warmth of Black Fox, Sealskin is another slightly darker option. Urbane Bronze is slightly lighter than Black Fox and could look really good too.

  30. Wonderful article and breakdown. Thank you! Debating between Caviar and Greenblack for my northeast facing front door exterior with white trim on a red brick home. Want a classic feel with a smidge of cozy. Any thoughts?

    1. Both are good choices and would feel classic. Caviar has more red (could blend well with your red brick). Paint samples or large swatches could be helpful in the decision.

      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Your deep dive color analysis is right up my alley. I got large swatches and now waffling towards the most warm black I can get without looking gray or green — don’t want it to go purple or blue — and I was wrong about direction — it’s actually southeast facing so some sun, and there are slate tiles on doorstep. Shiny inky black not a good option which is why I looked at the others and might go for even a satin finish since I have a storm door for protection. I may paint a large swatch of Black Magic also just for grins…If you have a push one direction or another, would love your thoughts (again)…

  31. Thank you for your post! I am dying to paint my master bedroom a “black” color, but am scared of making the wrong choice, so or that it will come out too dark. I am new to painting. Do you recommend using Black Fox as a compromise of a warmer black color?

  32. We are having our basement redone and one room has exposed beams and ductwork that we will be painting black. The walls will be SW Mindful Gray and the trim is SW Pure White. We also will be using SW Sea Salt in the bathroom. Do you have any suggestions on a color of black?

  33. We are painting our brick fireplace black and have tried so many samples! The undertones come through so strong in our room for some reason and nothing even looks black to me anymore! 😵‍💫 Any color suggestions for a modern, semi-mid century fireplace room?? And sheen too??

  34. Here is my dilemma, house is 100+ years old, floors are a rich cherry hardwood, molding is white. Looking to go bold "black" in dining room.
    Considering Worldly Gray in adjoining rooms. Hmmmm what black to go with? Furniture is antique repurposed antique white and stained cherry farmhouse-ish.

  35. On a new build the siding is going to be SW Retreat and Acacia Haze, black windows and I want a shade of black for exterior window trim and doors. Black fox was recommended but seems so brown? What are your thoughts? Maybe iron ore or should it be as black as the window frames?

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! I don’t think it has to match the window frame exactly. Retreat & Acacia Haze are pretty colors and they would blend well with Black Fox but I agree that Black Fox could go brown depending on how much direct sunlight you have. SW Urbane Bronze is another possible alternative.

  36. Hi—Thanks for this blog. I’m looking to paint my front door (+ shutters | garage door | trim) iron ore or black. I live in Colorado. My question is: is there a way I can measure or analyze the natural light to see how colors will look—other than getting samples and using my eyes? Does this question make sense?

    1. Good question! For some clients I do virtual mockups and tweak the light/dark of the color based on lighting in the space. It could also help to Google the color on exteriors to see how it looks on "real" homes.

  37. Hi- I love your blog. I’m painting my cabinets, windows and base trim all pure white. The windows are black and the floor is darker wood. I picked out caviar for my doors and mist of grey fir my walls. Wondering if I should change the black color of the doors. Also wondering about the wall color if I should change it to agreeable gray? I’m in the process now and would love your feed back. Thank you

    1. Caviar and Pure White should go well together. Are you concerned about the doors looking too dark? Comparing Drift of Mist and Agreeable Gray, I personally would go with Drift of Mist. It is a lighter color and it sounds like you will have some contrast with the windows & doors.

  38. Hi, I am glad I found your blog; it is very informative. I am building a home in Texas and we are going for Black Pearl shingles by CertainTeed (Grand Manor). My brick is Acme White Bluff (white mortar) and the stone is Granbury Limestone with white mortar. Granbury stone is more on neutral and slightly grey side, some traces of yellow can also be there but very little. Windows are Anderson black, A series and 100 series. Can you please suggest the trim color that goes along the roof and also the color of the gutters. I am looking for a shade of black. TIA.

    1. I looked up all of your colors, and they are neutral (will be beautiful!) For a Sherwin-Williams shade of black try Caviar or Tricorn Black.

  39. Hi! Need a black for lattice that will pair well with red brick piers. House is Alabaster and is elevated quite a bit so lattice will be obvious.

  40. My house is sw anew gray with sw alabaster trim. I would like to find a black that goes well with these colors. I want to paint my front room black with alabaster trim. I am leaning towards iron ore, but want to make sure this black will flow well with anew gray? Also, I want the black to look black not brown black.

    1. Is this an interior or exterior door? Iron Ore will go well with your colors, but I can’t promise it will look black vs dark charcoal.

  41. I’m looking for a black brown color which resembles the color ikea sells. It’s almost a perfect mix of black and brown. Dark enough to look black sometimes, with a hint of brown for blending. Any suggestions?

  42. Perfect blog thank you! I just redid my floors and stairs a grey and currently have white and orange looking wood for stair railings. Definitely want to go black for railings and really like iron ore but it seems more of a matte color..would black magic be better for railings?

    1. You could use a glossy finish in Iron Ore, but the color will look like a dark gray in some light. If you want a true black look Black Magic would be better.

  43. Hi, thanks for the post! I am looking for an almost black paint for the handrails on our staircase. I initially went with Wrought Iron which looked like it would be perfect, but it shows drastically blue-gray in most lighting and it is definitely not what I want. So different from how it looks in the can and online. Then I tried Iron Ore, and the same thing. We don’t want a stark black. Can you recommend an almost black paint of any line that doesn’t have such blue undertones? Thanks!

  44. Great post!! Thanks for breaking it down so well! Curious as to what you think– going to be painting our 1920s farmhouse exterior "Hawthorne Yellow" by Benjamin Moore. Which shade of black do you think would go well for the exterior shutters?

  45. Thank you for this information! We are building a house in the country with a silver metal roof, bright white for the trim and would like to do a black for exterior color. I don’t want it to look modern as much as I want it to look crisp and traditional. We like inkwell but would like to know if there is one you choose with that combo.

  46. Thank you for posting this. I am wanting to paint a few walls in my basement black. Sort of part of my moody bar area. Adding some colorful wall paper and brass accents. I was going to do Iron Ore but I’m worried it will show blue. Do you think Caviar or Tricorn or Black Magic would be best? I want a nice matte black look. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I would try Tricorn, if you want a matte look be sure to use a low sheen paint. If its in the basement you probably won’t get much natural light…you can always play around with light bulb color too.

  47. Thank you for this information. Have a brick area that I will be using Inkwell to pair with Chantily Lace. Great post!!!!!!

  48. This is such a helpful post. Deciding between Tricorn Black, Inkwell and Caviar for exterior shutters and iron railings that will pair with Granite Peak siding and Alabastar trim. House is north facing. Ang recommendations on which black would compliment Granite Peak best? Thanks!

    1. With Granite Peak having a blue tone I would try a sample of Inkwell. It is neutral but has a slight blue tone. If you have time, leave a comment with what color you end up doing!

  49. Hi, we are painting the exterior of our house Northern Glen. We have distressed red brick on bottom half in the front. I would like to to the trim black. Black Fox or Black Green. House faces west. Also just had new windows installed on the front. Not sure about the white trim there. Kim in Kansas

  50. I’m considering painting the rail on my deck a black shade. It’s painted white now but I’m looking to change. The deck is a dark brown. What shade black would you recommend? I’ve looked at caviar and iron ore. Thank you.

  51. We are remodeling our church fellowship hall. It is a very old church, and we are considering painting the ceiling a darker color to help make the pipes “disappear.” I plan to probably paint the walls SW Agreeable Gray. Do you think the ceiling would look best with something like Urbane Bronze or Black Fox? Or one of the other black shades? I’m thinking the darker blacks would be too bold. Maybe one of the softer earthy tones would be better? We will have lots of lighting and a lighter flooring.

  52. Hello:

    Thanks so much for your review. I am searching for a black SW color for my kitchen walls. The trim and cabinets will be white. Your thoughts on this possible combination and which SW “true” black (i.e. tricorn, black magic, caviar) would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! For recs of white/combinations with black I offer virtual paint consults so I can see pictures/video of your home and be specific with support. More info here. Tricorn, Black Magic and Caviar are all quite neutral and what I consider true blacks.

  53. Hi…painting our sunny family room that has skylights ..my house is very modern. Open concept. White kitchen cabinets black counter top. My family room colors are black white and grey with creamy grayish light laminate flooring. Tried so many samples of whites and grays. I’m so stuck. What Sherman williams wall color would you suggest? Cream or white. Or what would a creamy light grey be? A few suggestions please. Thank you. Great article!

    1. I think of Steamed Milk more in a traditional home (it is quite warm). If you want a warm white something like Alabaster would work better with modern colors. A greige could also work well (I have some ideas here).

  54. This was a great article! Just came across it as I’m googling and trying to deciding on front door color for new door order I have to place this week. House has vinyl siding in Lakeshore Fern (green) and Trim is Linen (slight off white). Currently have a red door (good ol’ SW Spicy Hue) which goes well with the stone accent- (w/ browns/black & some grey) and then Weathered Wood brown roof color. I like the red, but also thinking it’s time to change it up. I have most of the samples you mentioned…but not Tricorn or Caviar and wondering if those might be better than Inkwell or Greenblack. Iron Ore was recommended by a friend but wondering if it will read too grey on my house. Traditional/cottage style. Would love your input!

    1. Caviar does come to mind as a good option. Does the door get direct sunlight? If so it may show up dark gray painted Iron Ore, though you mentioned stone accents with some gray tone. I can mock up what different color doors would look like if you want to do a virtual consult (some info on that here)

      1. Hi! I have SW Snowbound on my walls and am installing a wood accent wall behind my bed. I am look fir a true flat black. Which works better with Snowbound, Tricorn or Ironor?

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